A waterfall whose origin is elsewhere, not far away.
A stream of energies that floods what remained of the ancient ‘poggio” (= revelation), the central arrival and return point in the village. A few meters further, approaching the pulsating heart of the Moricone area, a junction indicates the beginning of the texture, deriving from the construction holes of a building, such as an embroidery, to start a dialogue between the inside and the outside.
Magnetic and vital energies, wires such as arteries, energy conductors, iron wires softly shaped by the artist’s hands who is weaving the village.
A physical work made by “rolling / creasing / bending / accumulating / curving / shortening / twisting / shrinking/ wringing / ripping / rattling / tearing / chopping / fusing / cutting / dissecting / dropping ...” (this is the list of transitive verbs, written word by word by Richard Serra for personal use in 1967-68)*