in collaboration with Cyland MediaArtLab

Development the idea of Inventory, from 2011 Kostroma has repeatedly created impressive work of public art giving numbers to a lot of stones, streets, trees and abandoned places such as the Numerical Tower of St. Petersburg in 1994.
With the “sanpietrini” (cobblestones first used to pave St. Peter’s Square in Rome) of an alley converted into pixels, Kostroma offers us a new vision at every step, through an encrypted map that gives us the idea that the progression of numbers not only is a measure but, above all, the idea of time that passes and of the distance covered.
In the artist’s research, numbers represent a key to the reading of reality, a way of establishing an inventory and thus give shape and order to the surrounding nature or context.
In Maranola, following a liquid numbering, Kostroma’s numbers slide like water from top to bottom on the cobbles of the steepest alley in the village, the one that more quickly (and with more difficulty) connects the square with the tower.