The only bombed house of Maranola, an interior that becomes exterior, almost a square in an town that has no other.
An inverted space where the private was exposed publicly. An uncertain space to share, a possible common space. Not public nor private, not internal nor fully external, a place that the “Giaciglio” makes hospitable and playful in an attempt to stimulate the encounter with the other, the telling and the knowing. A nomadic dwelling in search of a possible coexistence between locals, holidaymakers, artists and anyone looking for a welcome.
During the Seminaria’s days the “Giaciglio” will host those who will stop and rest, or spend one, two, three nights outdoors and in company, sleeping under the stars and dreaming of a possible world where they can shelter the future.

Stalker at Seminaria: Aldo Innocenzi, Elisa Barbieri, Giulia Fiocca, Lorenzo Romito.