in collaboration with Cyland MediaArtLab

Mirror is an interactive work locked in the room of a medieval tower and addressed to one visitor at a time. You enter, stop for a few seconds on a carpet that activates the mirror, that is a video projection, an eye that looks at us and registers but doesn’t leave us alone: ​​our image doubles and by our side other people appear who have passed there shortly before or in the previous days. Like in the mirrors in fairy-tales, this mirror retains the memory of all visitors to Seminaria and reminds us that “objects and people in the mirror are closer than we believe.”


The constellations, stellar maps inscribed in the sky, guide man on his way. Fallen on the Earth, precisely on the slope of a hill in front of the village of Maranola, the constellation of Alexandra Dementieva reverses the sky on the ground and confuses us. The shape is not accidental: the triangle, symbol of aspiration to the divine, represents the connection between the earthly and the heavenly world.
The tension of Alexandra Dementieva towards the infinite is inherent in many of her large-scale environmental (open air) works (such as Contact Field - Venice 2011 and Play - Maranola 2013) where the artist seeks to get us in touch with the universe and, why not?, with other possible forms of intelligence.